CEC Successfully Signed Contract of Thailand THAI KALI 300,000t/a Salt Refining EPC Project

Time:2017-04-05 【Size:Big In Small

At local time of 6th March, 2017, China CEC Engineering Corporation and Thailand THAI KALI has successfully signed contract of 300,000t/a Salt Refining EPC Project at Bangkok, capital of Thailand. Company leaders from Thailand THAI KALI, incl. Mr. Wuthichai, Mr. Snguanwongchai and Mr. Chupong Visetjindawat, leaders from China CEC, incl. Mr. Lin Wei the Deputy General Manager of CEC, Mr. Wan Hua the General Manager of No. 1 Consulting & Engineering Dept. and Mr. Chen Dayong the Deputy General Manager of International Business Dept. attended the signing ceremony.Thailand THAI KALI was founded in 2008, which locates in Nakhon Ratchasima area. Its main business covers exploration, exploitation and running the underground mining. THAI KALI, extracting sylvine to produce potash fertilizer, is the largest mining company and potassium chloride manufacturer in Thailand. THAI KALI has surveyed mineral resources of carnalliteand sylvine in Dan Khun Thot area and gradually established its mine exploitation and production. This THAI KALI 300,000t/a Salt Refining EPC Project include MVR salt refining equipment supply and service also.CEC fully utilized its technical advantage and precise project management experience, broadened its thoughts and finally succeeded in winning the project after fierce competition in the market. The Project is another important order in salt refining general contracting gained by CEC in international market ever since its successful operation of Indonesia Surabaya UCI 50,000t/a Salt Refining EPC Project. Such cooperation between CEC and THAI KALI becomes another milestone of CEC’s implementation of China’s Going-abroad Strategy and its active development of international contracting market.


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